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Special Brunch at Sloane's

Dive in with friends and family this weekend!
Roast to go
Roast To Go
AED 1,050 for Roast Beef (ribeye)
AED 950 for a Leg of Lamb
AED 950 for Lamb Ouzi
AED 850 for Roasted Turkey
AED 120 per person for Vegetarian Nut Loaf
The Grosvenor House Brunch 123
The Grosvenor House Brunch
Enjoy an all-new brunch with deliciously moreish delicacies from the chilled seafood station, a selection of sushi and sashimi, cheese and grape pairings, as well as your favourite roast meats and cuisine from around the world.
AED 395 per person - Soft Beverages
AED 495 per person - House Beverages.
Thursday Seafood Nights
From Alaskan King Crab to freshly made sushi, to a live grill section... A seafood lover's paradise awaits to whet your appetites every Thursday night.
AED 310 per person (including still and sparkling water).
AED 155 for children between 4-12 years (including still and sparkling water).
Kids under 4 eat for free.
Hotel name
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Sloane's Call to Reserve : +97143176000